Early days in the life of Pink Floyd legend

Syd Barrett

NEW pictures of Syd Barrett’s childhood in Cambridge have been released for the first time ahead of an exhibition celebrating the life of the Pink Floyd legend.
The photos of the rock enigma will feature at Trinity College on October 22 alongside his artwork and previously unseen photos and letters written by Syd, who died aged, 60, in July 2006.
Entitled The City Wakes, it has been organised by mental health charity Escape Artists as part of a 12-day celebration of his life, including songs and guided tours around sites of historical importance to Floyd fans.
The new pictures – taken from the family album of Syd’s sister, Rosemary Breen – detail his childhood at the family home in Hills Road, Cambridge before moving to London, where he formed Pink Floyd with childhood friend Roger Waters.
Rosemary said: "He had enormous presence and he was always going to be something special. People first realised there was something a bit special about him when they saw his paintings as a child. He would do pencil drawings that were just exceptional.
"The members of Pink Floyd were just people I knew. Roger Waters, for example, was a boy who lived around the corner and Dave Gilmour went to school over the road.
"In the years after he came back to Cambridge he could still sometimes be very amusing with me but he could also be very shy and reclusive because he’d withdrawn.

"After returning to Cambridge he showed no interest in Pink Floyd and just tried to put that whole thing away," she said.
In Cambridge Syd preferred to be known by his real name Roger.

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