yourfonts 500x390 Create Your Own Handwritten Font [FREE]It being summer and all I thought I’d come up with
something fun to be working on, while I sit indoors, waiting for the sun to come
back on(line). A while back I was working on a design for some company diplomas,
and I wanted a special font to use when typing the participant name(s), making
it look handwritten.

I found a site that offers to convert your own handwritten letters to a
usable TrueType Font – for free, no less. So if you’re an aspiring font creator
or simply want a special font unlike any other, here’s how…

Write, Scan, Upload then Save

In earlier days, creating your own font was quite the hazzle. With the smart
and high-tech solution from it’s now easier than ever before.

handwriting font 500x87 Create Your Own Handwritten Font [FREE]

First you have to download and print out a template. Then fill it out,
drawing or writing each letter. When done, put the template in your scanner.

YourFonts support images as large as 6000 x 9000  pixels. Enabling you
to create really High-Resolution Fonts.

Once you’ve uploaded the scanned template – Yourfonts does the rest. A few
moments later, your finished font is ready to be downloaded and installed.

Have Fun Creating.

Feel free to share your finished font with the rest of us. Send it to me at and I’ll present it in an upcoming article.

Start here:

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