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Microsoft extends Windows 7 Trial Edition

In case you did not already realize you can download a full trial copy of
Windows 7 Enterprise edition for a 90 day trial from Microsoft. Windows 7
Enterprise Edition is a full version and is virtual the same as Windows 7
Ultimate edition therefore it has all the feature you could possibly want. This
is a really good way to check out Windows 7 features before committing to buying
copy. Well the the good new is that Microsoft have now extended the trial

This means you now have till Dec 31st, 2010 to download and
evaluate the trial version.

The trial version of Windows 7 is limited to 90 days at the end of which it
will start the hourly reboot (spiral of death).

You can Download you free copy of Windows 7 Enterprise Trial edition from
here Springboard
Series on TechNet
right now.

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Windows Enterprise 90 Day Trial Has Been Extended – Springboard Series Blog –
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