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on 6/28/10

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They may not seem like creatures worth admiring when they are buzzing around
your head or landing on your lunch, but under the microscope, bugs can be truly
spectacular. Especially their eyes.

For the past 35 years, Nikon has held its Small World photomicrography
to recognize excellent images of really tiny stuff. Of the many
photos of bug eyes they’ve received over the years, these are the ones that
caught the judges’ eyes. (I was on the judging panel this year, so I happen to
know that there may be an addition to the list coming soon.)

And yes, I know the shrimp in the third image is not a bug, but it is buggy,
and its eye is awesomely crazy looking.

Metallic Beetle

2004 6th Place Image
Charles B. Krebs
Issaquah, Washington, USA

Thorax, head and eye section of Chrysochroa fulminans (6.25x)

Image: Nikon Small World


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