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David Gilmour to play Guitar on The Wall

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is to join his old
band mate Roger Waters on The Wall Live Tour either in 2010
or 2011 at one concert to play Comfortably Numb on guitar!

Roger played with Gilmour at a concert last Saturday 10th July 2010 for the Hoping
and, as part of their playful negotiations to get that
happening, David agreed to play guitar at one concert on the song
Comfortably Numb!

Now, before all the messages start flooding into my inbox, please be
aware that not even David Gilmour knows which concert he will be playing
at so we will all have to wait and see!

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David Gilmour on new Bryan Ferry Olympia

Bryan Ferry will release a new solo album called Olympia
on 25th October 2010 which features Pink Floyd guitarist
David Gilmour.

The recording also features Ferry’s old band mates Phil
, Andy Mackay and Brian Eno from Roxy
and is the first time the band has worked together since

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