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by pthurrott on 7/6/10

Microsoft today released a beta version of WebMatrix, a free tool for
"building, customizing and deploying websites in one common, straightforward
experience." WebMatrix targets developers of all skill sets, and can be
downloaded today at

WebMatrix is a tool that includes the following:

  • Web server: IIS
    Developer Express
    is a lightweight server that helps developers build
    and test ASP.NET sites and applications and works
    with Visual Studio 2010, Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, and now WebMatrix.

  • Database: SQL
    Server Compact Edition 4
    is a free, embedded, database engine that
    enables easy database storage. It works with existing .NET-based data APIs and
    ASP.NET Web applications.

  • Programming Framework: ASP.NET
    provides developers a faster way to build standards-based websites with its
    syntaxes and built-in helpers, which both simplify the use of ASP.NET to perform increasingly complex and common
    tasks, such as connecting to a database, displaying a Twitter feed, or
    embedding a video.

For more info, check out Scott
Guthrie’s blog post

This tool is free, provides core coding and database support, integrates
with an open source web application gallery, and includes support to easily
publish/deploy sites and applications to web hosting providers.

WebMatrix is a 15MB download (50MB if you don’t have .NET 4 installed) and
is quick to install.

The 15MB download includes a lightweight development tool, IIS Express, SQL
Compact Edition, and a set of ASP.NET extensions that enable you to build
standalone ASP.NET Pages using the new Razor syntax, as well as a set of easy
to use database and HTML helpers for performing common web-tasks. 
WebMatrix can be installed side-by-side with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web
Developer 2010 Express.

Here’s a shot:


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