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Pink Floyd: The Music and the Mystery (…braindamage-21)
is described as the ultimate illustrated discography of Pink Floyd, [including]
seperate sections on the work of Roger Waters and Syd Barrett . It is written by
Andy Mabbett, publisher and editor of The Amazing Pudding fanzine (which ran at
the same time as Brain Damage fanzine back in the 1980s/early 1990s), and
contributer to a couple of other books from Omnibus Press.Read on for our full
review of this 168 page book, which gets the BD recommendation. If you wantto
add this to your Pink Floyd bookshelf, orders, at up to 32% discount, are being
taken at: Amazon UK (…braindamage-21),
Amazon US/International (…braindamage-20),
Amazon Canada (…aindamageon-20),
Amazon France (…aindamageon-21),
or Amazon Germany (…aindamage0f-21).
You can also order it at (…/Product.html#).

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