Coer Story – Microbreweries: What’s Brewing in

It’s Wednesday evening and hopeful beer drinkers are
spilling onto the sidewalk in front of Tremont Tavern. Along with those finding
escape from the craziness inside are as many more jockeying for position to get
in. Did I mention it’s a Wednesday evening?

Inside the small watering hole on Hixson Pike, the reasons for the hullabaloo
are Mark Marcum and Jonathon Clark—a couple of guys following a very old
Chattanooga tradition.

Ninety-five years after laws leading up to the 18th Amendment to the
Constitution (aka Prohibition) forced the Chattanooga Brewing Company to close
the doors of its downtown operation, Marcum and Clark are resurrecting the
largely forgotten company that once dominated the local beer scene.
Unfortunately, the recipes for the original Magnolia, Liebotschanerin, Imperial
Pilsner, and other labels have been lost—but that isn’t keeping Marcum and Clark
from bringing the spirit of the old brewery back to life while adding their own

Until recently, and for more than 15 years, Chattanooga was a one-horse town
when it came to local brews. Only Gordon Biersch’s Big River was offering local
beer. While they make a good product, they do more

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