This came out today. I just gave it my 1st listen. No comments yet except I
like it but it’s a new sound for him compared to his other solo work. He was on
Good Morning America today but I am yet to find it for DL.
BTW: Band Of Joy was the name of the 1st band he was ever in.

Robert Plant

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Robert Plant’s album is
full of old-school rock, folk and blues, but it sounds fresh and expertly

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September 5, 2010

After 40 years of
making records,
Robert Plantstill has the integrity I heard on the
very first
Led Zeppelin record in 1969. Not many artists fit that bill. It speaks not only
to his uncommon and unrivaled voice, but also to his choice of musicians and

Plant’s collaboration
Alison Krauss a few years ago produced a brilliant and timeless record
 Raising Sand. Now, Plant has teamed up with Nashville songwriter, musician and
Buddy Miller to make a new album called Band of Joy. The musicians include some of his bandmates from the Krauss
tour, including Miller on guitar and various stringed instruments, as well
Darrell Scott and Patty Griffin.

Band of
 is a celebration of music, and often music from the ’60s — a
decade where the blues, country, Celtic and rock all found common ground. Its
rock, folk and blues tunes aren’t new, but they all sound fresh and incredibly
well-played. That’s evident from the first guitar burst on a
Los Lobos tune called "Angel Dance."

There’s restraint here
that you wouldn’t often hear on Led Zeppelin albums, but there’s also power in
that restraint. That discipline and prudence brings a feeling of welled-up
emotion, of sadness and joy that unfolds brilliantly in the ears of the
listener. This isn’t the hammer of the gods; just a decent gut punch that’s
profound, earnest and perhaps even longer-lasting.

Band of
 will stream here in its entirety until its release on Sept. 14.
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Robert Plant album cover