Doug Sax with his big Vinyl cutting lathe
The founder of The Mastering Lab Doug Sax is to remaster Roger Waters albums on to vinyl so that you may hear the albums in their purest glorious form.

Doug was interviewed by The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Vinyl Playback where he was asked about how vinyl technology had changed.

Doug responded, “As far as the LP is concerned, no. As far as what might feed the LP, yes, because now you might be feeding it from digital files, from high-resolution 192 or 96/24-bit, which supplies a very reliable and consistent source. But surprisingly the only real improvement has ostensibly been going to DMM [Direct Metal Mastering] cutting and thats had flaws in the pastit never won audiophile support. Now, theyve apparently fixed the flaws, and they have better copper. But for rock n roll, for high-energy music? For example, Im going to be doing the Roger Waters albums on vinyl and they have extraordinary low end, requiring an astonishing amount of vertical modulation. We use up the full depth available on a lacquer master. You cant do anything like that on DMM. Its very thin; you cant go deep. For that kind of thing it could be an absolute joke.”Twitter to get further updates when available.