It’s been a long time but MusicInTheAbstract – owner and operator of the MitA’s Rush Oddities site – has several new Rush audio nuggets to share with us all along with a couple of pics. You can view/listen by clicking the following links or just use the player below. Thanks MitA!!

[He Don’t need a Grape, he’s a Digital Ape! recovered fadeout, Digital Man]
[Spirit of Radio – Soundcheck]
["Live" vocals overdubbed for Exit Stage Left – "FreeWill"]
[Alex exercises his ‘freewill’ and doesn’t play]
[La Villa Strange Wreck]
[Geddy "Limelight" vocals, isolated from the Exit Stage Left session]
[Custom mix of ‘XXZ – studio version – Geddy bass, isolated]
["MalBass" isolated bass from Malignant Narcissism]
[Tom Sawyer – remix of studio version – Geddy bass, isolated]
[Geddy speak French]
[Ghost of a Chance – recovered fadeout]
[Workin’ Them Angels – Geddy and Neil only]
[partial graphics from "Time Machine" tour]
[Early Rush press photo with John Rutsey]
[Hemisphere, Book II – performed during PeW tour

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