LulzSec releases 62,000 email, password combosLulzSec has released 62,000 email/password combinations today, although it is unclear where the data was stolen from.

Because many users keep the same combinations for multiple sites, some users have already reported that their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts have all been hacked.

If you are scared you are part of the release, check here to see if your data was stolen: Find Out if Your Passwords Were Leaked by LulzSec Right Here

The point of the release is to cause "chaos" and the plan seems to be working, at least for now.

Outside of the release, LulzSec has also started a war with 4Chan and Anonymous, following 4Chan’s move to DDoS anything related to Lulz after LulzSec DDoS’d games like EVE Online and Minecraft. On its Twitter page, LulzSec has been giving tips on how to annoy 4Chan users:

Everybody visit this cool and edgy imageboard, they love new members!Ask them how to triforce and how to become legion.

Anonymous says they have "accepted the challenge" brought by LulzSec.