LulzSec now in apparent 'war' with other group?The blog LulzSec Exposed has posted today that hacking group LulzSec has now gotten into an apparent online ‘war’ with long-time hacking group TeaMp0iSoN.

TeaMp0iSoN even defaced the main page of Swen Slootweg, who allegedly goes by the name "Joepie91" in LulzSec (pictured).

Sabu, the alleged leader of the group, tweeted today that TeaMp0iSoN is a joke and hit the wrong target, as Joepie91 is not part of the group.

Earlier in the day, Ryan Clearly was arrested in the UK, an IRC operator for the group, with all chat logs being taken by the FBI, SOCA and Interpol.

Additionally, someone going by the name of "R3d_Penguin" posted a chat log between Topiary (another alleged member) and himself in which Topiary (aka Daniel) admits to being a member and being forced to deny. Topiary also plans to frame another user with the same nickname.

That chat log is here.

Overall, it has been an eventful start to the week for LulzSec in the news, whether or not any of it is real.

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