When you are trying to customize Microsoft’s latest web browser Internet Explorer 9 you are limited by the configuration options, called Internet Options in the browser. Those options have not really changed a lot since the release of Internet Explorer 6. Users who wanted to tweak and modify other elements of the browser had to rely on Registry tweaks, group policies and third party tools.

One of those third party tools has just been released in a new version. Tweak IE9 has been designed specifically for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser. The portable program checks if Internet Explorer 9 is installed on the system. If it is, it displays a start button that launches the program.

tweak ie9

The program displays all available configuration options in the main interface. The tweaks are divided into colored sections. Tweaks are for instance available for Internet Explorer’s user interface, file downloads and security.

Here is an overview of the available configuration settings:

User Interface:

  • Enable Menubar on Top
  • Menubar always visible
  • Enable Links Band
  • Enable Tab Groups
  • Small icons on toolbar
  • Enable 3D-Border
  • Show Statusbar
  • Enable CommandBar
  • Use ClearType
  • Max rows on new tab


  • Start IE9 in Fullscreen
  • Make a custom homepage


  • Configure the maximum number of downloads
  • Perform check on exe file signature
  • Notify me when a download has completed
  • Change the downloads directory

Search Provider

  • Manage search providers
  • Default search provider


  • ActiveX Filtering
  • ActiveX Filter Exceptions
  • Manage Pop-up Settings
  • Tracking Protection List Exceptions


  • Configure the connection limits


  • Make Special IE9 Shortcuts
  • IE9 Feature Meta tag generator
  • Make custom search provider
  • Delete browsing history
  • Restore IE9

Most of the configuration options are activated and deactivated with a click on the icon next to each setting. Once you have made all changes, you need to click on the Tweak IE9 now button to apply the changes to the web browser. If you want to undo the changes click the Restore IE9 button to do so.

TweakIE9 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. It works only if Internet Explorer 9 is installed on the system. You can download the program from the developer website.