Earlier this week we asked you to share your strategy for installing applications on a new (or rebuilt) computer. The responses piled up and now we’re back to highlight your tips.

A common thread throughout the responses was the hierarchy of importance in installation (core hardware driver updates before installing Angry Birds for example). More cautious users also mixed in backups and drive imaging to provide a safety net. Huuisie might win the award as the most cautious of the bunch with his detailed and backup-laden routine:

1. Format and partition HDD – C: for Windows and apps, D: for Data
2. Install Windows 7 and SP1
3. Create 1st system image backup (Backup 1) with Macrium Reflect (can backup RAID5)
(This is now source used when reinstalling from scratch)

1. I tweak Windows extensively, so this gets done now
2. Secret sauce is Liberkey – this is installed on D:. Allows me to browse for stuff, use CCleaner, etc. without affecting OS setup and C: drive (keeps it clean). Keeps app install on C: drive (later) to a minimum.
3. All Windows Updates installed
4. Create Backup 2


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