I prefer a plain and simple desktop, without Windows Aero, eye candy and transparency effects. I do however know several Windows users who like all the eye candy that Windows Aero offers. The whole shebang with rotating wallpapers, transparency, shadows and other effects.

The free software AeroBlend has surely been designed for users who like the Aero interface and work with it on a daily basis. The program adds a feature to Windows that changes the Window Color automatically whenever the wallpaper changes to match the dominant color of the wallpaper.

The Window Color is part of every Windows theme. Windows 7 users can access the current settings by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the Personalize option from the context menu. A click on Window Color opens a configuration menu where one of the default color schemes or a customize color scheme can be selected.

window color transparency

But that color scheme does not change if the wallpaper changes. Vista users find similar, albeit a bit different options in their Control Panel.

The portable application AeroBlend changes the default behavior. It’s default configuration is set to change the Window Color of the Aero theme automatically whenever the wallpaper changes. It should be obvious that it only works if an Aero theme is enabled on the system.

The program settings, available after a right-click on the program icon, contain options to switch from wallpaper mode to active application icon or active application contents instead.

window color mode

Additional options are available to change the color intensity of the Window color and if the colors should fade.

Windows users with AeroBlend running will notice a short delay whenever the wallpaper image on their desktop changes. The delay is caused by an algorithm that scans for the dominant color of the new wallpaper image.

AeroBlend could be interesting for users who rotate their wallpapers regularly. The software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. Downloads are provided at the developer website.