Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista
July 11, 2009 Author: AnandK@TWC Category: Downloads Tags: TWC App, Tweaker

We are pleased to release our Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a freeware TweakUI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows to meet your requirements. With judicious tweaking, it can make your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks. The tweaker detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed and accordingly offers you the relevant tweaks only.

UPDATE: 25th Jan 2011. Ultimate Windows Tweaker has been updated to v 2.2. It now works on Internet Explorer 9 and includes additional tweaks too, as mentioned in its Change log.

Change Log and additional tweaks included in UWT v 2.2:

Internet Explorer

  • Supports Internet Explorer 9
  • Enable Menu bar permanently
  • Always on InPrivate Filtering
  • Hide Compatibility View button
  • Disable sending keystrokes to your default search engine
  • Enable Quick Tabs
  • Manage no. of rows in about:Tabs (IE9 only)
  • Disable caching of SSL pages
  • Enable software rendering instead of GPU rendering (IE9 only)

User Accounts & UAC

  • Manage user accounts (improved)

System Performance

  • Disable PAE


  • Extensive code optimization for speed improvement
  • Improved refreshing capability after applying tweaks
  • No more prompts after each Apply clicks
  • Some UI and typo fixes.

ultimate windows tweaker v2 Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista

The tweaker is a 345KB .exe file which does not require an install, but yet packs over 150 tweaks & settings. Simply download the zip file, extract its contents and run Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista Feedback Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista

Please don’t detach Empty Icon from executable’s root, the Empty Icon is copied to system directory and referred in runtime. The tweaker has been designed by my MVP collegue Ramesh Kumar for The Windows Club.

Whats new in UWT?

– Revamped UI similar to Windows 7/Vista UI controls

– Improved: Optimize services, enable/disable services and start/stop as well instantly

– Added on System Information page
+ Version with build no
+ System Rating
+ Computer description

– Added on Personalization page
+ Disable Aero shake
+ Disable Aero Snap
+ Enable Jump lits and nos of jump list items
+ Sorted Startmenu with all Windows 7 items
+ Bing Search replaced Live Search in Custom Start Search
+ Use large icons on Taskbar
+ Disable Aero Peek preview
+ Group when Taskbar full is added

– Added in User Accounts & UAC
+ Welcome screen text and buttons’ effects
+ Set custom background on Welcome screen (OEM Background)

– Added in System Performance page
+ Trackbars’ Tooltip shows actual value in miliseconds
+ Improved “Menu action”
+ Improved “Enable support for 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows”
+ Disable Windows Security Center service

– Added in Security Settings
+ Disable System Restore settings
+ Disable Change Color and Appearance
+ Disable to skip starting programs by pressing Shift key

– Added on Internet Explorer page
+ Reset IE to factory default button added

– Additional Tweaks
+ Disable Windows Startup sound
+ Disable pagefile (Virtual Memory)
+ Enable Large System cache
+ Delete pagefile during shutdown process

– Minor bugs fixed