I sometimes like to play relaxing games. Games, that do not put any pressure on you, that you can play in a pace that is most comfortable to you. Wonderput for the most part is such a game. On first glance it is just another miniature golf game that you can play in a web browser. What makes this game special is the visual design and artwork. Instead of playing on a regular course, you get to play on a single screen that is changing significantly with every hole you master.

The game is solely played with the mouse. A left-click fires the golf ball into the selected direction. You can change the strength of each swing with a power bar that is automatically displayed when you move the mouse cursor in vicinity to the ball.


The main goal of the game is to beat the course. There does not seem to be a time limit or of how many times you can try to get the ball into the hole. That, the design and music is what makes this game more relaxing than most other games.

You may still experience frustration if you cannot figure out how to complete a level in the game. Chance is that you will experience this for the first time in the water levels 9 and 10. Hole 10 can be especially frustrating if you miss to hit the water lilies time and time again.

The game records your best tries for each hole, with options to jump straight to a hole to replay it to beat your previous score. Holes that you have not played yet are locked. The game tracks your high score and has a basic achievement system to motivate players to keep on trying.

Wonderputt is a game for a short break. It will keep you entertained for ten to fifteen minutes tops before you have completed the game. It does not really have that much replay value, expect for the “lets beat my previous score” or “get all achievements” type of players who like those challenges. You can play the game over at Armorgames.