sshot4e809f51b55c3.jpgDespite the common notion that lots of data is beamed down from satellites the majority of global communications travel through a massive network of high speed cables. Check out this interactive map to see the cables that bind everything together.

Not only does the map showcase the vast network of cables around the globe but you can also zoom in to click on specific nodes. Each node has a listing for the cables that terminate there. If you click on the cable name you’ll see additional information about the cable such as when it was completed, how long it is, who owns it, and what cities are at each end of the cable.

For another interactive cable map make sure to check out For a look at the state of trans-oceanic cables at the start of the 20th century this map is particularly interesting. Finally if you’re curious about how exactly they create fiber optic cables and manage to lay 7,000km+ worth of them across the ocean, these videos are a must see.

Submarine Cable Map [via Digital Inspiration]


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