At the end of September, the first phase of the massive Why Pink Floyd remaster and collectors edition campaign launched, with the release of all fourteen of their studio albums, along with two special expanded editions of The Dark Side Of The Moon. Wish You Were Here and The Wall will be receiving their own expanded editions in November 2011 and February 2012 respectively. We’ve taken a good, long look and listen to each album, comparing them to previous releases using the same equipment to try and give valid comparisons. We’ve not gone into the technical depths of checking waveforms and seeing what sort of frequency levels the different editions run at (although we know one or two audio enthusiasts who have run full analysis like this) as for most people, listening on normal to good equipment, the overall sound is most important and some of these technical intricacies will be irrelevant for the average listener. There is also a subjective nature to all of this, and listening to the albums over the last few weeks has revealed different things to us at different times. Best thing to do is dig in and enjoy the music! Overall, a great job has been done with all the albums, with a number of them showing a marked improvement over previous editions.So, here we go – album by album, here are our thoughts on the 2011 remasters, and the encompassing box set which gathers them all together with an exclusive book:v2arr1cN_34

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