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Roger Waters Getting Married


The New York Post have reported that Roger Waters will marry his fiancee film maker Laurie Durning before the 2012 Wall Tour commences on 27th January 2012. Laurie told the paper, “It just seems like a good time to do it before the tour.”

The couple are shopping for a new engagement ring to replace one Durning lost in London after Waters proposed to her. Durning says sheâll only have close friends at a âprivate and low-keyâ ceremony so there will be nothing too lavish or tacky!

This will be Roger’s 4th marriage after he married Judy Trimm 1968 to 1975, Carolyne Christie 1976 to 1992 and Pricilla Phillips who he met at the Berlin Wall concerts between 1993 and divorced at some point later that I do not know of.

Congratulations Roger Waters and Laurie Durning!


Google: 700,000 Android devices activated dailyAndroid just keeps on growing.

Google’s Andy Rubin has stated this week that the platform is now seeing 700,000 activations per day. The Android Chief posted the figure on his Google+ account.

In May, the company revealed 400,000 devices were being activated daily, which jumped to 500,000 in June and then 550,000 in July.

Overall, Google has activated over 220 million Android devices, in total. The figure jumped from 100 million in June.

Major rival Apple said in October that there had been over 250 million iOS devices activated. Android should surpass that in the next few months.


Whatever Michael Bay uses to propel that “high-concept” imagination of his, he’s obviously passed some of it to the boys at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight center. A team there is developing a hollow-bodied harpoon that can be fired from a cannon toward comets too dangerous to land on. Once landed, it fills up with sub-surface samples before winched back aboard the waiting space craft. It’s currently being tested by firing the harpoon (using a six foot ballista) into a bucket of dirt — if they fired it horizontally it’d travel about a mile. After the break we’ve got video explaining this madness in some detail — which we promise is Aerosmith-ballad free.

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NASA building a harpoon to fire at comets, suddenly renders plot of ‘Armageddon’ plausible (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 14 Dec 2011 11:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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14 Cool Winter Sunset Photos

Winter brings another cool scene for your photographing enjoyment. Here are 14 sunset photos that feature snow and ice.

winter sunset

image by Pekka Vainio

winter sunset

Winter Sunset at Hoover by Stephen Wolfe

winter sunset

h a l f d o m e @ Yosemite by damienphotography

winter sunset

Winter by Tormod Sandtorv

winter sunset

Sunset over the field by Tambako The Jaguar

winter sunset

Misty winter afternoon by Bert Kaufmann

winter sunset

behind closed doors the winter sun is waiting by fRedi

winter sunset

30.27 _ remember winter? by Matthias Rhomberg


Thaw by Joel Bedford

winter sunset

Dutch winter landscape by Bart Hiddink

winter sunset

Winterland #HDR by Erik Söderström

winter sunset

Behind the Snowy Hills by Mikko Luntiala

winter sunset

Paterswoldse Meer by Michiel Jelijs

winter sunset

Freeze Over #2 by Ben Fredericson

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There are a ton of Sysinternals tools for troubleshooting and non-troubleshooting. If you want a collection of troubleshooting tools (very helpful if you’re working outside your PC network at a friends house, a business you’re helping/working for etc.), then you can download the Windows Systinternals Suite. This suite is regularly updated and currently sits at a whopping ~13MB:

Download Sysinternals Suite

download64 Download the Sysinternals Suite for a Collection of Windows Troubleshooting Tools

Download Sysinternals Suite

Here’s a list of the tools you’ll get with the suite:

That’s it. Now you have the whole Sysinternals suite ready for use. If you’d like to access the Sysinternals tools online–without downloading or installing the tools–you can use Sysinternals live. If you want tolearn more about Sysinternals tools such as Process Explorer, head here.

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix the problems he creates.

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Yahoo Messenger exploit spams your friendsYahoo Messenger flaw is unpatched.

The zero-day flaw allows remote attackers to mess with users’ status messages. It affects Yahoo Messenger right up to the recently-released version.

Bitdefender security researchers warned that this type of attack is dangerous due to basic trust principles. Your friends and family see your status update, and if it contains an innocent looking link, they would be a lot more likely to click-through than if they just received unsolicited spam.

The flaw is exploited when the rogue attacker simulates sending a file to a targeted user. The bogus file transfer tricks Messenger into loading an iFrame which then changes the status message to whatever the attacker wants it to be.

The iFrame comes over as a regular message from another Yahoo Instant Messenger user, even if the user isn’t in the victim’s contact list.

You should change your Yahoo Messenger settings to ignore people not on your contact list if you are worried about being targeted, but that won’t stop your friends status messages from being changed, so stay vigilant.

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Charter bumps broadband to 100 Mbps

Written by James Delahunty @ 04 Dec 2011 11:15

Charter boosts broadband speeds.

In areas where Charter Communications has deployed DOCSIS 3.0 technology (95 percent of its Internet service areas), the company is increasing the download and upload speeds of its broadband packages at no additional costs to customers.

The Charter Internet Express package will bump download speed from 12 Mbps to 15 Mbps, and increase upload speed from 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps. Charter Internet Plus download speeds, previously set at 18 Mbps download and 2Mbps upload, will be bumped to 30 Mbps and 4 Mbps, respectfully.

The fastest residential offering from Charter was 60 Mbps download. It will now be bumped to 100 Mbps, with 5 Mbps upload speed, and renamed as Charter Internet Ultra100.

"The Internet is changing the way we watch TV, communicate with our friends and family, and engage in social and professional networks. When you’re posting content online, we know it’s important to have a fast, reliable connection, and we’re committed to enabling the rapid sharing of content," said Rich DiGeronimo, Charter Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy.

"With multiple connected devices in your home, you don’t have to make tradeoffs with Charter Internet. You can use multiple gadgets simultaneously, and enjoy a rich experience with each one. The power of the Internet continues to grow, and Charter delivers more speed than ever."

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