How To Extract Wallpapers/Sounds From A Windows 7 Theme Pack

Posted September 28, 2009 6:51 pm in: Windows 7 Guides Advertisements

You might have across scenarios where you like one or more wallpapers used in a third-party Windows 7 themepack and you just want to use the wallpapers and sounds present in the theme pack. If you are confused between Windows 7 theme and theme pack, just follow our how to create a themepack in Windows 7 guide.


Since many Windows Vista and XP users also like to use the wallpapers used in a Windows 7 themepack, here is the quick solution.


As there are many excellent theme packs available for Windows 7 (download 14 excellent themepacks for Windows 7), you might want to extract and use some of the wallpapers present in the theme pack that you like. Follow the simple procedure given below to extract wallpapers from Windows 7 theme pack:

1. Download the Windows 7 theme pack from which you want to extract wallpaper(s).

2. Download and install the free file extraction utility named 7-Zip.

3. Right-click on the theme pack (with .themepack extension) and use the 7Zips Extract here option.

extract windows 7 themepack using 7zip

4. All wallpapers, custom sounds (if present) and theme color will be extracted in a few seconds.

extracted wallpaeprs, sounds

5. You are done.

Suppose if you have installed WinRAR on your system, first rename the theme pack extension file to rar (ex: cars.themepack to cars.rar) and then use WinRARs extract feature to extract packed wallpapers.