I’ve never made a post like this before. I would like to explain the purpose of my blog. A few years ago I decided I wanted a way to keep up with all the things I come across on the web that I am interested in. I format my desktop quite often because I test everything as soon as it comes out in beta and I test allot of stuff I get from torrents. Back in 1980 I started running BBS systems just to trade software but once the Internet got popular that put an end to that.

Facebook was too rigid in the way I could categorize my posts and determine how they are viewed so I went with the free WordPress account. I never dreamed others would find my posts of interest to them and I am flattered! So keep in mind 99 % of what you see here is not anything original by me but things I run across that I find so interesting I don’t want to lose. Maybe when I die my kids can go here to find out what made their father tick.

Anyway, that’s what’s going here at ‘Welcome To Tanelorn’. I can thank one of my favorite SF authors, Michael Moorcock for that name.

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment and clicked the follow button!