David Gilmour performs at the Douglas Adams 60th Birthday Party

via All Pink Floyd Fan Network by RSS feed on 3/11/12

11 March 2012 would have been Douglas Adams’ 60th Birthday. To celebrate this event, Douglas’s family and friends decided to hold a virtual birthday party in London, which turned out to be a stunning, star-studded event with chat, comedy and music filling the evening.The event, which was benefitting two charities – the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency), but mainly Save The Rhino – was a sell-out with devoted Adams fans taking the lion’s share of tickets. When tickets went on sale in early December, there was a small rumour on Hitchhiker-related websites that David might be taking part, but all the sites which mentioned that very quickly removed all mention. Since then, there was no mention that David might be participating.Of course, David and Douglas had known each other for some years. The original Hitchhiker TV series included a few bars from Shine On You Crazy Diamond, as hummed by Marvin the paranoid android. Later, Adams was to provide the title of the Floyd’s final album, and subsequently appeared on their final tour one night in their Earls Court run in October 1994. The chances, then, of David participating in this event were inevitably quite high. And, to the delight of the audience, he clearly couldn’t miss this celebration of his friend.

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