Starling Moot in Europe

via Flickr Blog by Kay Kremerskothen on 3/9/12

Starling Murmuration - BEST VIEWED LARGE
Starlings starlings being hunted! Starlings at Ham Wall
Formation flying in thousands Starlings Starlings
12th January 2012

Every year in autumn and winter, amazing Starling formations can be seen in parts of Europe including South England, Denmark and France. During the cold months, the birds become highly gregarious and turn into huge flocks of highly variable size.
Hundreds of thousands of birds can be part of the flocks. They form tight sphere-like formations in flight, frequently changing their shape providing stunning sights.

Photos from Alan-Mackenzie, JimD36, danny beath, BSc, PhD., GrahamMcPherson, Gregory Hunt, Fiona in Eden, Mark Eastment, Mike Hannon, and Andy Holden.